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Bricks, Mortar, Stone, Stucco, Concrete and Tile make up a homes safety and solidarity. Bricks shield us from the forces and protect flammables from fire. Concrete protects the Bricks from the top of a chimney. Mortar binds the bricks together to make them waterproof. Masonry is what keeps us safe from such unpredictable forces as fire and weather.

Ground Shifts, Excessive Water Exposure, Chimney Fires & Time damage your masonry. Not addressing the issues can damage your house extensively and can cause expensive repairs. Simple Tuckpointing or Replacing your crown wash can save you thousands on repairs. However sometimes you also just have to have the chimney rebuilt or torn down completely. Maintenance and Serious repair jobs or just a few of our services.

Our Most Common Repair Work

Crown Wash Replacement
Crown Washes are the concrete topping or a chimney. The importance of a crown wash is that it provides a water proof surface that protects the inside of a chimney from water damage. Water damage can destroy your chimney from the inside causing you to have to rebuild your chimney. Water that is trapped in a chimney freezes in the winter and expands to where it destroys the bricks and the mortar that binds them. Crown Washes are susceptible to the elements and become damaged over time. When cracks appear the water is able to penetrate the surface and go to work. Repairing this immediately is the only way to prevent a chimney tear down and rebuild.

Tuckpointing is replacing mortar that has eroded or deteriorated. One of the most common problems are brick walls that are over exposed to water runoffs due to a clogged gutter or  eaves that do not allow for proper drainage. If the mortar is not replaced you could see water damage inside your home or brick becoming damaged on the outside.

Fireplace Tuckpointing
Over time the mortar joints in your fireplace simply get burned out. These mortar joints and bricks in your fireplace are made of materials that withstand the heat of fires that regular mortar and brick weren't meant for. Without replacing these joints in the fireplace, you open the door for damage to the bricks that surround your firebox. This damage can cause fires and weaken the integrity of your chimney.

Chimney Rebuilds
Its unfortunate when it happens but when a chimney is so far gone it cannot be saved and has to be rebuilt. When a Chimney's integrity has become compromised it can let in water to your home, increase the damage a chimney fire will cause and could simply just fall over on your home causing extreme damage to your roof and house.

Masonry Services Include
Crown Wash Replacement
Chimney Rebuilding
Fireplace Box Rebuilding and Repair
Stucco Work
Tiling Work

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